Yours to Claim

Yours to Claim

Yours to Claim is an ongoing manhwa and Yaoi Manga written by ZZIN-BAM with art by Waje. Released in 2020, it has been published by Lezhin. On campus, Jooin is taken by Yahwi’s looks and they both instigate contact with one another. As their relationship proceeds, Jooin meets Cain, a foreigner who claims Jooin was his “master” in his previous life. A love triangle between the three starts. Season 1 consists of chapters 1-28. Season 2 features 35 chapters, from chapters 29-63. Season 3 was released on November 4, 2021.

Yours to Claim Manhwa

Nothing crazy happens to Jooin. He’s just your average college student, keeping his head down and flying under the radar. Yahwi, on the other hand, is drop-dead gorgeous, and super popular…but also kinda of mean. So why has the campus heartthrob taken an interest in a total nobody? There must be an ulterior motive…but it’s hard to care when faced with those killer looks…

Yours to Claim Manga

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